Rooms Cleaning

Dry dusting & cob- web removing of Walls from all home

✓ Dry vacuum of Windows in all home area

✓ Dry vacuum of sofa, Bed Mattress & Dining Chairs

✓ Cleaning of all doors and windows

✓ Floor Cleaning and scrubbing with Hi Tech floor machine

✓ Cleaning of All Appliances & Furniture Externally

✓ Cleaning of Glasses Internally

Kitchen Cleaning

Cleaning of Tiles, Slap, Sink, Floor

Internally cleaning of trolleys and shelves

Include exhaust, sink and gas stove cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Includes Tiles, taps, Wc, Washbasin, Door, Window

Cleaning of bathroom floor


Paint/Cement/Permanent Stains if any

Moving of heavy furniture

Removing & Placing Back of kitchen utensils & Containers